The VaVu Philosophy

At VaVu, we like to say: "Dating is more fun when it happens in real life." Our goal is to get people connected and out on a date (yes, a real date) as fast as possible. Our patent pending process spares you the personality test and 300 question surveys. We also understand that not everyone is looking for a "match" - some people just want social interaction. VaVu will help you connect with someone else who is looking for a date, and you will get out and do something with your weekend.

If we told you more, we'd be giving a bit too much away before beta testing starts. But take our word for it. VaVu is the next big thing.

What's wrong with online dating?

Dating should be fun. For some reason, however, those participating in “online” dating are not having the time of their lives. Online dating services make every effort they can to keep you from meeting other people in person – they want you to use their service to chat, email, instant message, and video chat with others so you keep paying your monthly fee. With all the communication options available, the most awkward moment is when you actually ask the other person if they want to meet… in person.

Our intensive unverified and incredibly unscientific research tells us that most first dates resulting from online interaction consist of a trip to a coffee shop. There is a reason for this: both people participating in the date are concerned about wasting two things – time and money. A date can easily begin and end at Starbucks for a very small financial commitment. And since coffee houses present a seemingly safe and comfortable atmosphere to have a chat, it just sounds like the perfect place to meet a new friend.


Having coffee with someone is just one big, drawn out first impression. For most, it is a daunting task to impress someone over coffee. And why should we have to impress anyone to begin with? It’s only a date! But many people have been cheated out of the “first date” experience altogether. Simply put, by the time you get done chatting online with someone for three months, your first date feels like your 30th. These dates quickly turn to inconspicuously taking note of every physical feature (read: flaw) and finally end in an uncomfortable “I’m never going to see you again” sort of way. In fact, if things don’t work out, you may actually have to “break up” with the person!

At VaVu, we believe that people should commit to enjoying every single date. We also believe that your first date should be a fun and relaxing event. We're here to help. Sign up to be a beta tester today! It's free!